My name is Di Anna, not Diana or Dianna, and definitely not “dee-anna.” I am 18 years young and soaking it up: the good, the bad, and the petty. I am a college student, aspiring to be a journalist, I am opinionated and I like having a voice, but I believe that the best part in opinionated writing, is having research for support. For a while I had my bio on Instagram as

“Fortune Favors the Brave,”

hell, that was my senior quote in high school, I got it from Alice in Nick Willing’s film, Alice in Wonderland, but I have come to the realization that Alice was a child high off of her ass when she said that. I am not “brave,” I am afraid of heights, I am afraid of death, but I am so damn fortunate. I am fortunate to have friends, family, food, a home, and intelligence. I am fortunate to be living and writing this. My name is Di Anna and I am here to tell you…..

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